Dev Diary #02

Welcome to the second Dev Diary of SLICE BACK! 

General news

This sprint (we divide our work into two-weeks sprints) we split our time on these three major topics:

1) We analysed the Gamescom feedback and decided to improve the locomotion system of SLICE BACK.

2) We started contacting publishers that could be interested in our game. As you may know, going out there alone can be really difficult and we are looking for a great partner with lots of experience :)

3) We spent the last week-end showing our new build at a local indie event (Indie Dev Day 2) and collected a lot of valuable feedback.

Games progress - What has been done

Regarding the game development we have been working on the following features:

  • Locomotion system revamped
  • Minor Combat improvements
  • 3rd alien mob art, animations and VFX added
  • The design of the end level boss is done and you can test it on our new build
  • Platforming improvements

Games progress - Short term tasks

  • Rework Player Aid System to make it more stable, reliable and work with future new weapons
  • Mid level boss art, animations and VFX
  • End level boss art, animations and VFX
  • Mid level boss behaviour tweaks according to your feedback
  • End level boss behaviour tweaks according to your feedback

Games progress - Mid term tasks

  • Rework the levels into more of a Metroidvania structure to allow us to create more content with a higher quality and give us more freedom to create different and dynamic layouts
  • Unlockables, you will finally be able to make something out of all those yummy sushi!
  • Hidden map secrets through the level

Thanks for reading!

Remember that you can always contact us through our Twitter, chat with us on our Discord, be always updated on our development progress through our newsletter and try the build to give us feedback!


The Slice Back team  

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