Patch note #1704 - New HUD and Mid level BOSS art!

Greetings! Here we come with a new update of SLICE BACK!

What’s new:


  • HUD is finally implemented! We have new looks, better distribution and Harold is finally really visible!
  • Minor UI improvements

Playable character

  • Combo is now harder to maintain. Gotta work hard for those style points!
  • Improvements on locomotion and game feel. Should feel more controllable and smooth.
  • Now Harold Rush scales on a separate bar with each hit.


  • Move “Mid-level boss” from test phase to art phase: add art, animations and VFX.


  • Minor gameplay bug 
  • Minor art bug fixes

Thanks for playing and, please, consider giving us your feedback through this survey!

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Oct 02, 2019

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