Patch Notes #1619 - Locomotion and new BOSS!

Greetings! It’s been a long time but we were cooking a big update so we humbly ask for your forgiveness :). 

Here are the changes:

  • Playable character
    • Locomotion system revamped. See this post for more in-depth information.
      • [COMMUNITY] Generally speaking movement should be more punchy
      • [COMMUNITY] Movement animations and VFXs have been improved and we look forward to future improvements
      • Jump can be aimed now and is quicker
      • [COMMUNITY] Dash now charges slower and there are only 2 charges. Gotta be more careful now!
      • Tune movement parameters and increase base speed
      • It should now take less time to reach the floor, while still giving room to hold onto the air
      • Apply Player Aid System to dash and jump so that they can be aimed at enemies easier
    • Combat minor improvements
      • Tweak Katana Combo movement
      • [COMMUNITY] Screen effect on damaged to improve player feedback
  • Aliens
    • Move “big squarey mob” from test phase to art phase: add art, animations and VFX
    • Introduce boss in test phase: the Mother of the Alien. Be gentle with this new squarey companion added to the end of the level. Looking forward to your feedback!
    • Slightly modified the vertical speed of air impacts on mobs to make it easier to land hits
      • Big mob now should feel slightly heavier (25%) compared to the others
  • Platforming
    • Improvements on certain purple killing traps collisions and positioning
    • [COMMUNITY] Small tune to last platform section
  • Miscellaneous
    • Minor typo and wording corrections on dialogues
    • Minor visual tweaks and improvements
    • Minor visual bugs

Thanks for playing and, please, consider giving us your feedback through this survey!

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Sep 10, 2019

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